Facility Management

Advancing Sustainability In Facility Management: A Key Focus For Companies

Rupal Sinha highlights the key factors essential for presenting the sustainable facility management solutions

Facility management plays a crucial role in the modern corporate landscape by ensuring the smooth operation, safety, and environmental sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. It is a significant focus area for companies investing heavily to establish cutting-edge facility management practices.

While speaking on sustainable facility management, Rupal Sinha, President, BVG India Ltd said, “India has made significant strides towards achieving the United Nations’ sustainability goals. This endeavor has resulted in substantial transformations, not only in government initiatives but also within the corporate sector.”

She believes that the global building efficiency market would continue to go forward due to the increasing demand for green infrastructure and it is attracting investments from all sectors.

Sinha suggested, “All corporate and facility management companies need to work together as their role is not restricted to building sustainable workplaces only but it is beyond that.” 

Sinha asserts that when it comes to constructing the next generation of facility management, key considerations involve tackling these challenges: finding sustainable solutions, enhancing resilience, optimising efficiency, and prioritising people-centric approaches.

In her view, to achieve sustainability goals these four factors are primarily important when presenting solutions; environmental, economic, space quality and corporate social responsibility. 

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