The Protectors Is A Story Of An Association: Kunwar Vikram Singh, CAPSI

The book “Protectors” is a journey through the life events which led the association to be the harbinger of change in the Indian private security industry, said Kunwar Vikram Singh, Chairman, Central Association Of Private Security Industry (CAPSI). 

While speaking at the Gurugram chapter of the 4th edition of the India Business Literature Festival (IBLF), Singh said it was fragmented a few years ago, and by chance, we all came together in 2005 when the Indian government wanted to regulate us. The Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) was also introduced at the same time.

He added, “it was carefully drafted and the government stipulated that each private security company needed a licence and that each security officer needed to be well-educated. For us, getting a licence was a very difficult challenge.”

Singh explained, “The Protectors is a story of an association, which began with a private security firm. He continued, “we are the largest in the world and have a wonderful reputation. We employ one crore security personnel in India. The difficult part of that process was restructuring our organisation to become a federal one from a central one. 

Despite being a federal law, the PSARA Act was to be governed by the states, with security being a state concern. Every state has a governing body, such as the state’s ADGP, that was appointed by the government. Now, combining the two—police and security personnel—and fostering good governance will result in a productive workplace. Every state chapter that was established was a huge deal in and of itself because every state chapter took us time to make it functional, according to the CAPSI Chairman. 

“A security officer faces challenges every day. We will also implement Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards, such as standard 788, that might raise the security sector to a global level. We’ll be able to send thousands of guards to different nations. As your “protectors,” we will strengthen India’s private security system in the coming years.

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