₹43 Lakhs Lost in Trending ‘Online Task’ Scam

A 33-year-old man reportedly lost more than 43 lakhs to fraudsters who lured him under the pretext of earning significant returns

Today, cybercrimes have become such a common phenomenon that they have started occupying a significant space in national dailies. On similar lines, an incident was reported in Navi Mumbai where a 33-year-old man became the latest victim of this rising trend of cybercrimes. He lost 43 lakhs to the ongoing pernicious ‘online task’ fraud. In this scheme, individuals are enticed with the promise of substantial returns for completing online tasks. Once lured in, they are asked to register on a website and provide their details, ultimately leaving them high and dry.

The victim’s troubles began when he received a WhatsApp message from strangers offering a well-paying part-time online job. Attracted by the prospect of earning good money, he ended up depleting his savings. Despite diligently following their instructions and depositing a large sum of money into various bank accounts, he never received the promised payment.

“Hoping to earn good returns, the victim ended up paying 43.45 lakhs into different bank accounts but never received any remuneration,” stated an official, quoting the First Information Report.

A case has been filed under IPC Section 420, which relates to cheating and dishonestly inducing property delivery. However, no arrests have been made in connection with the case thus far.

Just a few days ago, a man from Mumbai lost nearly 18 lakhs in a similar incident when he attempted to earn extra money online. Scammers approached the 48-year-old with an opportunity to make quick cash by completing specific ‘tasks.’

These concerning incidents serve as a reminder of how fraudsters continually adapt their online methods. Both authorities and the public need to remain vigilant and informed to thwart those seeking to harm innocent victims for financial gain.

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