APDI Launches “Certified Corporate Investigator” Programme For Private Investigators

APDI Conclave
The Association of Professional Detectives & Investigators (APDI) launched the “Certified Corporate Investigator” programme on Saturday for the security, legal and finance professionals to protect corporates.

“Corporate investigations are crucial in maintaining the integrity and trust within the business ecosystem. This cutting-edge programme is designed to cultivate integrity, professionalism, and expertise in the field of corporate inquiries, with a mission to promote fair practices, transparency, and trust within the corporate world. It will also create new job opportunities for the youth,” said APDI Chairman Mr Kunwar Vikram Singh while launching the programme at the APDI National Corporate Investigators Conclave-2023.

Elaborating about the “Certified Corporate Investigator” programme, Mr Singh said it offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that covers a wide range of investigative techniques, legal aspects, and industry best practices. “Participants will undergo extensive training, equipping them with the necessary skills to conduct thorough and efficient corporate investigations. Graduates of this programme will earn the esteemed title of “Certified Corporate Investigator,” signifying their commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in the profession,” said Mr Singh.

Addressing the APDI Conclave, former Delhi Police Commissioner and ex-CBI Director, Mr Rakesh Asthana, said with the growing cases of corporate frauds and data theft there is a dire need to have trained professionals. Welcoming the launch of “Certified Corporate Investigator” programme, Mr Asthana asked APDI to explore opportunity of introducing degree or certification courses for private investigators in association with the Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), Gandhinagar-based central university that specialises in national and internal security. Though the role of private investigators and detectives is not mandated by law, they do support legal and investigating agencies. Certification of private investigators and detectives will provide them some legal sanctity. It will add value to their work, he added.

Mr Asthana also cautioned private investigators while dealing with data and refrain from using any dubious or unauthorised manner in its collection. With case of insurance frauds, cyber security and data thefts increasing fast, this field has a lot of potential. But do not use fraudulent ways to procure private data. With the law on personal data protection on the anvil, it will have severe repercussions on those breaking the law, he added.

Those who addressed the conclave included Mr Bhagwan Shankar, former Sikkim Additional Chief Secretary; Mr. Toine Goorts, President, Council of International Investigators, USA; and Mr. Fredrick Wharton, President, International Fraud Training Group.

About APDI

The Association of Professional Detectives and Investigators India (APDI) stands as the premier national organisation, comprising leaders in the field of investigations. Many distinguished members of APDI hold prominent positions in the World Association of Detectives (WAD). Kunwar Vikram Singh served as the Chairman of WAD until October 2018, and four directors from India were duly elected to represent the country in WAD. As a result, APDI gains recognition as a representative association on a global scale, broadening opportunities for professional excellence and fostering global networking.

For more details, please contact APDI Chairman Shri Kunwar Vikram Singh (9810077388)

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