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Blocked over 829mn cyberattacks in Q4: Indusface Report

On a global level, about 829 million cyberattacks in the last quarter of the calendar year 2022 were blocked, of which 59 per cent of the website’s attacks were recorded in India.

India may have recorded one of its worst years of cyberattacks in 2022, but firms are ramping up to defend themselves as the government is now addressing policy vacuum within the systems, and are very likely to increase the cybersecurity budget. 

Indusface, an application security company has catalogued a rise in the frequency of Bot and DDoS in Q4 compared to the previous quarter of 2022.

“We saw a SaaS application hit with a 2TB attack and about 20 applications of a healthcare customer get targeted by DDoS attacks. The attacks were thwarted with AI sending out anomaly alerts and deploying surgical rules in both cases, said Ashish Tandon, Founder and CEO of Indusface.

The report says that mid-market companies with revenues between $1 billion to $10 million have been subjected to 45 per cent of the cyberattacks, and only 21 per cent were large enterprises with revenue over $1 billion.

As per records, small businesses have also accounted for 34 per cent of attacks, depicting that any business can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Enabling customised rules can work as necessary reforms to ensure cybersecurity. 

About 60 per cent of all the cyber attacks were blocked using custom rules which an enterprise deploys. There was an increase in ‘virtual patching’ to protect applications at the WAF level.

Some of the most vulnerable segments to cyber attacks were reported to be financial services, insurance, banking, manufacturing companies and IT industry.

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