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Garner Recognition For Your Expertise In Security Sector: BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023

Private Security Awards India

The inaugural edition of ‘BW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023 will be held in the month of August in New Delhi to recognise and reward excellency in the private security sector of India. 

BW Businessworld is glad to announce the much-awaited inaugural edition of BW SECURITY WORLD CONCLAVE & EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2023”. This highly anticipated event of the year is dedicated to recognising and rewarding excellence in the private security sector of India. This extraordinary gathering will celebrate and honour exceptional companies, individuals, and innovative contributions shaping the landscape of security. 
The Theme of the event is Building A Secure Nation & Honouring Excellency.
BW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023 will bring together thought leaders and experts from the Security industry on strategy, action plans and best practices to build resilient and risk-averse enterprises. 
In addition to esteemed corporate figures, distinguished bureaucrats, diplomats, and top security officials of India, this illustrious event will be graced by prominent representatives from large organisations, along with the finest luminaries in the industry, elevating its grandeur to unparalleled heights. 
The event offers an ideal opportunity for suppliers to learn, showcase their products & services to occupiers, source efficient solutions, network, and connect with key decision-makers from every level of a wide range of sectors. The leading solution providers, change-makers, and brightest minds will come together to strategise and revolutionise the security industry for a more promising future.
The event will be held in the month of August 2023 in New Delhi. You are cordially invited to nominate exceptional individuals and organisations for the prestigious Award Categories that will recognise and celebrate excellency. We are searching for the shining stars, the unsung heroes, and the trailblazers who have made remarkable contributions in the private security sector. 
Immerse yourself in the world of opulence where brilliance in the private security industry is recognised and rewarded. 
Discover the Power of Recognition!
Have you witnessed an individual or an organisation who consistently goes above and beyond? Their dedication deserves to be acknowledged. Nominate them for these coveted awards and let their brilliance shine!
  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Security Start-Up of The Year
  3. Security Woman of The Year
  4. Security Man of The Year
  5. Security Company of The Year
  6. Crowd/Event Management Company of The Year
  7. Cybersecurity Company of The Year
  8. Security Consulting Company of The Year
  9. Excellence Award For Fire Security Solutions
  10. Innovative Security Product of The Year
  11. Excellence Award For Tech-savvy Security Project
  12. Rising Star In Security Industry
  13. Security Training Company of The Year
  14. Security Entrepreneur of The Year
  15. Global Security Achievement Award
  16. Security Software Company of The Year
  17. Innovation & Leadership Award in Information Security
  18. Electronic Security Solutions of The Year
  19. Business Risk Detection Achievement Award
  20. Risk Management Company of the Year
How to Nominate?
  1. Visit our Award Nominations Website.
Click here to Nominate: BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023
Early Bird Nominations Offer – ending on July 15th, 2023.
  1. Select the relevant category and fill in the nominee details.
  2. Explain why you deserve to win!
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate excellence and make a difference. Spread the word and let’s honour the exceptional individuals who make our India a better place!
To know more:
For Registration & Nominations, contact Sneha Sinha, 9582099345, [email protected] or Shailesh Pal, 8279478154, [email protected]
For Speakership Opportunity, contact Shilpa Chandel, 9958693775, [email protected] 
For Partnerships, contact Mohit Chopra, 9899200063, [email protected]

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