India Being The ‘Voice Of The Global South’ Among The Main Theme Of G20 Summit ~ S. Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar
Photo Credits: ANI

The African Union’s Inclusion in the G20 Strengthens India’s Position as a Global South Advocate

During its presidency of the G20, India placed a strong emphasis on representing the interests and concerns of the Global South. This commitment was evident through a series of significant actions. Before its tenure of G20 too, India actively responded to the different challenges faced by the world weather it was COVID-19 pandemic by sending vaccines and essential medical supplies to developing countries or sending aids to different countries hit by natural calamities, thereby ensuring equitable access to healthcare resources, especially for nations with limited healthcare infrastructure. India also hosted the ‘Voice of Global South’ Summit, providing a platform for leaders from developing countries to engage in discussions and voice their concerns on a wide range of global issues.
This summit fostered collaboration and solidarity among nations from the Global South. Furthermore, India consistently worked to keep the concerns and priorities of the Global South central in G20 discussions and other international engagements, covering critical topics like climate change, sustainable development, and economic recovery. Finally, India’s successful advocacy for African Union membership in the G20 affirmed its position as a representative voice for the Global South and acknowledged the significant role of African nations in global discussions.

“Now, reflecting this approach, we have consciously sought to make this G20 as inclusive and broad-based as possible. It is witnessing the participation of, obviously, its 20 member states, nine invitee nations, and 14 international organisations. It is a matter of particular satisfaction for us that the African Union has this morning, become a permanent member of the G20, that too during the Indian presidency. This is in keeping with the priority that we attach to addressing the urgent concerns of the Global South. You would recall that at the beginning of our presidency, at Prime Minister Modi’s initiative, a 125 nations were consulted to express the voice of the Global South”, said External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar.

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