India Pitches A Strong Attempt To Secure A Permanent Seat At UN Security Council

G20 meeting (Credit- X:@narendramodi)

During the concluding session, PM Modi calls for restructuring the 77 year old procedure of selecting permanent member for the council.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentions Indian ambition to secure a permanent seat at the UN Security Council during the concluding session of G20 Summit.

India holds a prominent position in the complex global dynamics, akin to a “game of thrones” where the enduring symbolism of power is highly regarded. During a session, Modi stressed the necessity for a “renewal” of the 77-year-old structures of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). He highlighted that a significant portion of the world no longer perceives the UN system as an equitable representation of their interests.

India aims to attain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, complete with veto power, given its current absence of representation to veto resolutions that could run counter to its interests.

Throughout history, India has maintained a robust partnership with Russia, reciprocating support for Russia’s positions within the UN, even on contentious matters like the Ukraine conflict. The situation remains at an impasse, with both Russia and Ukraine accusing each other of reluctance to engage in negotiations. In the realm of global influence, India finds itself in a precarious position, aspiring to attain the coveted position of a veto-wielding seat on the UN Security Council.

Amid the realm of power and politics, no ally stands steadfast by India’s side. The capricious nature of geopolitics can swiftly change loyalties, leaving India exposed and vulnerable.

Nonetheless, the looming shadow of China, with its unwavering resolve and veto power, casts a formidable barrier. It stands poised to thwart any motion that might be favourable to India and disadvantageous to Pakistan, especially when the delicate issue of Kashmir is brought to the fore.

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