L&T and BAE Systems Inc. Join Hands To Bring BvS10-Sindhu

L&T and BAE Systems Inc. Join Hands To Bring BvS10-Sindhu
In accordance with the agreement, L&T assumes the leading role as the primary bidder for the Indian market, receiving support from BAE Systems

In a strategic collaboration, BAE Systems Inc. and Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) have joined forces to introduce the Articulated All-Terrain Vehicle (AATV), BvS10, to the Indian market under the “Make-in-India” initiative. This partnership comes as part of their commitment to supply the Indian Armed Forces with this cutting-edge vehicle.

Under the terms of the agreement, L&T takes the lead as the primary bidder for the Indian market, with the support of BAE Systems Hagglunds, the Swedish manufacturer behind the highly successful BvS10 vehicle family. To cater to the specific needs of the Indian Armed Forces, BAE Systems and L&T have undertaken significant upgrades to the BvS10, resulting in a new variant named “BvS10-Sindhu.” The AATV program will encompass the delivery of these vehicles from L&T’s Armoured Systems Complex in Hazira, along with integrated logistic support (ILS).

Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Managing Director of BAE Systems Hagglunds, expressed confidence in the BvS10, emphasising its exceptional mobility, flexibility, and suitability for extreme climatic conditions. He noted that the vehicle would undergo trials later in the month to demonstrate its capabilities, marking a significant step towards entering the Indo-Pacific market.

For Larsen & Toubro, this collaboration presents an opportunity for its Armoured Systems business to capitalise on its robust manufacturing and design capabilities, complemented by BAE Systems’ expertise. Arun Ramchandani, Executive Vice President & Head of L&T Defence, highlighted the BvS10-Sindhu as the ideal choice for the challenging terrains and climatic conditions where it is expected to be deployed.

The BvS10 vehicle showcased at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event in London features a Mobile Short Range Air Defence system (MSHORAD) configuration, underscoring its versatility as a modular fighting platform capable of accommodating a wide range of payloads to address modern threats without compromising its under-armor capacity.

Notably, the BvS10 boasts articulated mobility, offering exceptional manoeuvrability across diverse terrains, including snow, ice, rock, sand, mud, swamps, and steep mountains. Its amphibious capabilities enable it to navigate flooded areas and coastal waters, making it suitable for both personnel and supply transport, as well as mounted combat operations in contemporary operational environments.

The modular design of the BvS10 allows for easy reconfiguration to suit various mission requirements. It can serve as a personnel transporter, command and control centre, ambulance, vehicle repair and recovery unit, logistics support platform, and situational awareness hub, in addition to accommodating vehicle-mounted weaponry and support systems.

Currently in service with several nations, including Austria, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, the BvS10 is also on order for the German Army. In a separate development, BAE Systems’ Beowulf, an unarmored variant of the BvS10, secured a contract with the U.S. Army for its Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program, involving the delivery of 110 vehicles over five years.

This partnership between BAE Systems Inc. and Larsen & Toubro is set to introduce the BvS10-Sindhu to the Indian Armed Forces, enhancing their mobility and capability in diverse operational environments.

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