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Lucknow Police Launches ‘Har Ghar Camera’ Scheme

Lucknow Police launches ‘Har Ghar Camera’ Scheme to encourage people to install CCTV cameras

To strengthen security in the city, Lucknow Police has recently launched ‘Har Ghar Camera’ scheme. Under this initiative, Law and Order officials will visit different areas in the city and appeal to the residents to install, at least, one CCTV camera outside their house.

The purpose behind the scheme is to have surveillance cameras installed in even the most narrow alleys, lanes, and passages in the city. To make that possible, businesspersons and shop-owners have already been asked to get CCTV cameras installed outside their establishments.

To ensure that this scheme accrues the desired results, prominent citizens from each Lucknow ward will also be roped in. Lucknow Police is also using an incentive-based approach with rewards and certifications being given out to those who install cameras.

In addition, the feed from the newly-installed CCTV cameras in Lucknow will be linked to the nearest police station, helping cops take swift action and make the area of their jurisdiction secure.


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