Need $4.62 Bn For Humanitarian Aid To Afghan People In 2023: UN

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Afghanistan has said that in 2023, they need USD 4.62 billion for humanitarian aid to the Afghan people, Afghanistan-based TOLO News reported.

As per OCHA, humanitarian aid remains the last lifeline for the citizens of Afghanistan.

OCHA said: “With Afghanistan facing its 3rd consecutive year of drought, 2nd year of severe economic hardship, and consequences of decades of war & recurrent natural disasters, humanitarian aid remains the last lifeline for much of the population. USD 4.62bn is needed to assist 23.7M people in 2023.”

Karimdad is a low-income man who lives in Kabul who said that he faces economic challenges, and unemployment has increased his problems.

“We call on OCHA to help us, and provide work for us,” said Karimdad.

Meanwhile, the deputy of the Ministry of Economy under the caretaker Taliban regime emphasised the need for continued humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and asked the international community not to politicise humanitarian aid.

“The international community must not politicize humanitarian aid, it must help the Afghan people and continue aid. Along with humanitarian assistance, help should also be provided in the field of development and progress,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, the deputy of the Taliban-led Ministry of Economy, as quoted by TOLO News.

Several economists said that in order to reduce poverty in Afghanistan, it is necessary to implement infrastructure projects.

“To decrease the level of poverty in countries, it is necessary that the world cooperates with us with economic aid,” said Abdul Naseer Reshtia, an economist.

“When big economic projects restart and work is provided for people, we can find stability in the economy,” said Nazok Mer Ziyarmal, another economist, as quoted by TOLO News.

Earlier, the United Nations and other organizations expressed concern over the increase in poverty in Afghanistan and said that 28 million people are in poverty. (ANI)

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