Next-gen X-Ray Baggage Scanner with AI-based Technology

Hikvision India has launched next-gen X-Ray Baggage Scanner in India using AI-based intelligent security inspection system. 

“We are proud to introduce the latest Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System in India. It is powered by value added features like threat identification, built-in Artificial Intelligence and Real Time Video Monitoring, etc. This newly introduced system is an innovative product offering in the security inspection product segment. We sincerely hope this AI enabled inspection product will add tremendous value to the security inspection across the key verticals,” said Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of India’s first X-Ray Baggage Scanners integrated with AI-based intelligent security inspection systems which is to be introduced in India. Some of the leading features of this X-Ray Baggage and Parcel Inspection System are threat identification, AI Recognition, Video Linkage, Reliable Performance and Safety, Characteristic Function, and supports login with fingerprint and face authentication.

Threat identification; for the identification of metal objects based on the Standard Colour coding or material properties like atomic number to receive accurate material discrimination of inorganic, organic.

AI recognition for smart identification of threats such as Intelligent Threat Recognition Technology. In depth learning recognition algorithm with complete and independent intellectual property rights, which recognises the integration of X-ray imaging software and intelligent recognition algorithm. 

This system has an in-built camera along with a video recorder. The security system is inserted with functions like the recognition of threat objects, variable speed, real-time video monitoring, and more features.

It assures reliable performance and safety with high-quality images. The double lead curtain design provides a shield to minimise the radiation leakage. 

Characteristic Function, speed can be changed according to the scene, supports access to Hik-central, and implements the data upload, Data storage supports local storage, view and playback of the images and alarm information.

Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System supports detection of prohibited things by deep learning algorithms. It supports detection of 15 kinds of prohibited things, including Guns (Standard Gun, Non-standard Gun, Components), Knives (Restricted Knives, Daily Knives, Military Knives), Bottled Liquid, Battery, Umbrella, Laptop, Cellphone, Aerosol Can, Scissor and Lighter.

Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System is available in following Models as per Tunnel Size – 500×300, 650×500 and 1000x1000mm.

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