Corporate Security A Broader Concept

Corporate Security is not just restricted to the guards standing at the company’s entrance it is a broader concept says experts at a recent BW event decoding the significant change.

“India is a country where various security forces and agencies are primarily playing a significant role in safeguarding the nation amid the different authorities carrying policy or action, Where does a corporate security fit in the system”, questioned Col. Shakti Rana, Head Personnel Security (Global), Nokia.

Rana was speaking at the recent BW Security World event in New Delhi wherein he urged corporate security enforcement to support the national forces.

Speaking on the G20 Summit’s Delhi lockdown the Nokia’s Personnel Security Head said it is sad to witness the capital to be closed during the global interaction. This could be a secure step according to the Centre but consequently, it highlights the nation’s weak security infrastructure in cities in comparison to how stronger it is on the border. Under such circumstances corporate security can play a supportive role, shared Rana.

Adding on to the discussion Amit Kulkarni, EVP of Allied Digital Services said just like the country needs powerful security internally, organisations should also concentrate on safeguarding their inner infrastructure. He shared one company’s incident where unethical printouts were shot from HR’s system raising concern for the overall safety of the firm.

Kulkarni stressed such occurrence underlines it is important to be secure on a primary level which is often sidelined due to broader targets.

Asserting on similar lines Rana said to achieve better and more secure practices, security needs a changed approach. According to the Nokia officer folks think security starts with guards standing at the gate and finishes right there, they fail to understand the broader concept.

On similar lines, Kulkarni said the problem lies in the majority of companies beliefs – if we have never fallen prey to any crisis, what would affect us in the future? He said it is very difficult to make one understand how important it is to stay prepared for the future.

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