CSOs Have Now Entered Boardroom Discussions: Col. Harendra Bana

SWOT analysis is also very important for security personnel.

Governments and corporations worldwide have redefined the role of security, extending it beyond the confines of office premises. According to Colonel Harendra Bana, Associate Director of Global Security at a US Food & Beverage Company, the shift towards prioritising security began after the Mumbai attack. At that time, the role of a Chief Security Officer (CSO) was not well-established, but it coincided with the onset of a recession.

CSOs have now secured a prominent place in the boardroom, effectively holding leadership positions. Speaking at the BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023, Bana emphasised that selecting a CSO today involves multiple rounds of interviews, a far cry from the situation 15 to 20 years ago.

After the Mumbai attack and the recession in 2008, some companies began redefining security and introduced the concept of integrated security, expanding its role to include facility management. Reflecting on this, Bana mentioned that during that time, there was a debate about whether security could replace facility management, leading to the emergence of integrated facility management, which some companies embraced while others opposed.

Explaining the driving factors behind this convergence, he noted that companies, primarily guided by their CFOs focused on cost-saving and cost-cutting measures, found value in the integrated model. Unfortunately, this shift had a significant impact on the security industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in reshaping the security landscape. While many employees worked remotely, security personnel were on the front lines, handling tasks from deliveries to office relocations. Bana emphasised that amid technological advancements, security personnel must continually reinvent themselves. Conducting a SWOT analysis is crucial, and he emphasised that the fundamentals of physical security remain unchanged.

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