Corporate Security Vision 2030: Insights From Experts

In the era where security is a big concern, experts at the BW Security World Event discussed the concepts that can be harnessed to access safety.

“In today’s world physical security has largely been very active but the way businesses are getting interconnected globally we need a holistic approach towards it,” said Ankush Maria, Director of Risk Management, EY at a recent BW Security World event in New Delhi.

Maria said the threats are changing and we are witnessing sudden tragic events worldwide from which we need to adapt the learnings and be prepared for the future.

Echoing with the EY Director Yashovardhan Azad, IPS (Retd), Chairman & Co-founder, DeepStr highlighted the two terrorist attacks – the World Trade Centre and the 26/11 Mumbai attack which he stressed were targeted specifically to affect the corporate world.

Azad underlined these attacks were dreadful but taught the world to look into the institutional approach to control corporate threats. He stressed today it is important to invest more in physical security which will eventually help to surpass the tragic consequences.

Furthermore, pressing on the technological shift Pushkar Gokhale, VP & Business Head, Godrej said the tech revolution has changed the security landscape and we must harness the new technology to bring in the advanced changes.

Talking about the corporate security vision for 2030 Gokhale said we should concentrate on cyber security it would surely solve many of the physical security hurdles.

Asserting on similar lines Saurabh Bareja, Director of Global Physical Security, Concentrix said physical security needs cyber help for best results. Working with IT would improve the vulnerability, shared the VP.

Adding on to the discussion Suraj Shankhpal, Senior VP, Corporate Security Director-India & Philippines, Wells Fargo said the right security will save the organisations. Companies can also check employees backgrounds for a safer side, Shankhpal added.

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