Early Bird Nominations Date Extended For BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023

Security Awards India 2023

Winners will be announced and awarded at the coveted event in the first week of September in New Delhi

BW Security World has extended the early bird nomination window to July 25th for the  BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023. All nominations will be accepted via an online entry form. Entry is open to individuals and organisations who have demonstrated excellence in the field of security in one of following categories: 

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Security Start-Up of The Year
  • Security Woman of The Year
  • Security Man of The Year
  • Security Company of The Year
  • Crowd/Event Management Company of The Year
  • Cybersecurity Company of The Year
  • Security Consulting Company of The Year
  • Excellence Award For Fire Security Solutions
  •  Innovative Security Product of The Year
  •  Excellence Award For Tech-savvy Security Project
  •  Rising Star In Security Industry
  •  Security Training Company of The Year
  •  Security Entrepreneur of The Year
  •  Global Security Achievement Award
  •  Security Software Company of The Year
  •  Innovation & Leadership Award in Information Security
  •  Electronic Security Solutions of The Year
  •  Business Risk Detection Achievement Award
  •  Risk Management Company of the Year
The identification of the winner is not an endorsement of any product, service, company, or vendor. 
Why To Nominate?
The security awards and events play a vital role in recognising excellence, promoting innovation, and fostering collaboration within the security community. They serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement and contribute to the overall advancement of the field.
Recognition & Visibility: Awards provide recognition and acknowledgment for the hard work, achievements, and contributions made in the field of security. It validates the efforts put in by individuals, teams, or organisations and showcases their expertise and dedication.
Industry Recognition: Security Awards help promote the industry as whole by highlighting the exceptional work being done in various areas of security. It encourages innovation and best practices, driving the industry forward and attracting more talent and investment.
Knowledge Sharing: By recognising outstanding achievements, security awards encourage knowledge sharing within the industry. Award ceremonies and events provide a platform for winners and nominees to share their experiences, insights, and best practices, benefiting the wider security community.
Networking and Collaboration: Awards ceremonies and events bring together security professionals, organisations, and vendors from different sectors. It provides an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and fostering partnerships, leading to a stronger and more interconnected security ecosystem.
Exposure and Publicity: Awards generate attention and publicity. If the nominee wins or becomes a finalist, it can lead to increased visibility and exposure in their field or industry. This heightened recognition can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential career advancements.
Prestige and Credibility: Winning or being nominated for a prestigious award enhances an individual’s credibility and reputation. It serves as a testament to their expertise and distinguishes them from their peers. This recognition can significantly impact their professional standing and the trust others place in their abilities.
Community and Industry Impact: Awards often focus on specific areas of expertise or social impact. By nominating someone whose work aligns with these objectives, you contribute to the growth and progress of your community or industry. It helps highlight and honour individuals who are making a positive difference in their respective fields.
Benchmarking: Security awards often have rigorous evaluation processes that assess nominees against specific criteria. This benchmarking helps validate the quality and effectiveness of security solutions, practices, and initiatives, providing guidance to others in the industry.
More details of the program; agenda, speakers and more information about the event will be shared soon. To stay up to date, please email us to inform us of your interest and we will add you to our distribution list.
For more information about BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023 and to complete an entry form, visit
About BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023
The inaugural edition ofBW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023 will be held in the first week of September in New Delhi. The Theme of the event is Building A Secure Nation & Honouring Excellency. The event will bring together thought leaders and experts from the Security industry on strategy, action plans and best practices to build resilient and risk-averse enterprises. In addition to esteemed corporate figures, distinguished bureaucrats, diplomats, and top security officials of India, this illustrious event will be graced by prominent representatives from large organisations along with the finest luminaries in the industry, elevating its grandeur to unparalleled heights. Bringing clients/occupiers and service providers under one roof. 

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