Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu Urges Technological Vigilance In The New Age of Security

Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu

Lt. Pannu’s Keynote Address at the BW Security World Conclave Highlights The Imperative Of Self-Reliance And Collective Action”

In a thought-provoking keynote address at the BW Security Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023, Lieutenant General PJS Pannu, a distinguished figure in India’s defence community, delved into the intricacies of national security in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. He set the stage for an engaging discourse on the multifaceted challenges facing India’s defence and security apparatus.

“Today, it is the war which is going to be shot from one mind to another. Minds will become the first casualty,” said Lieutenant General Pannu, highlighting the profound shift in the nature of warfare. He emphasised the critical role of technology, cyber systems, and electronic warfare in contemporary security paradigms.

As the Former Deputy Chief, Integrated Defence, and Chairperson of the Task Force on ICT Modernisation for Defence, Lieutenant General Pannu’s insights carry significant weight. He articulated the urgency of bolstering India’s defence capabilities through indigenous innovation, materials development, and semiconductor design. His call to action resonated with the audience, urging the nation to prioritise self-reliance and technological prowess.

Lieutenant General Pannu’s speech underlined the importance of securing India’s data, particularly in the age of artificial intelligence. He cautioned against complacency in relying on interconnected systems and the potential vulnerabilities they might expose. He stressed that adversaries could exploit our dependence on technology to compromise national security.

In a world where every Indian is a potential target, Lieutenant General Pannu called for collective national vigilance. He asserted that strategic autonomy and unity were indispensable in safeguarding the nation against emerging threats.

The BW Security Conclave witnessed a sobering and insightful perspective on India’s security landscape. Lieutenant General Pannu’s address served as a wake-up call, challenging the status quo and igniting a renewed sense of purpose in the quest to protect the nation’s sovereignty and security.

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