Private Players Are Equally Important As Governments: IPS Manish S. Sharma

All Kinds of Technology Can Only Succeed with Good Public-Private Partnership, says Manish S. Sharma, ADGP, Govt of MP.

No industry remains untouched by new-age technologies like AI, GI, and ChatGPT, among others. Concerning private security, it presents both opportunities and challenges that are increasing day by day. According to a report by Statista, cybercrime is projected to inflate the market cost to approximately USD 23.83 trillion by 2027.

During his speech at the BW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023, Manish S. Sharma (IPS), ADGP, Government of Madhya Pradesh, emphasises, “The more human involvement in AI, the lower the risk.” He added that technology itself is neither dangerous nor risky; it depends on the person using it.

Furthermore, when discussing the potential of private security in addressing cybersecurity issues globally, Sharma underscored the importance of a robust public-private partnership, stating that all forms of technology can only thrive with such collaboration. Private security is just as crucial as government security.

Advanced technologies like AI are becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, giving rise to concerns about rising cybersecurity threats. Transformative technologies, including GI, AI, robots, and bots, require unique and unprecedented guidelines to regulate them.

Sharma asserts, “Cybersecurity will be crucial for the digital transformation happening at the organisational level in government offices. We are on the brink of a revolution in India that no other country has ever witnessed.”

Sharma explains how the government is deploying new-age technologies, mentioning that natural language processing can detect threats before they materialise and analyse attack patterns. These technologies also assist in analysing large amounts of scattered data, providing decision support systems for government, policy, and the military, as well as prediction and forecasting models, including geopolitical risks. They also enhance the capabilities of autonomous systems such as drones and robots.

Private security possesses the capability and experience to handle non-essential duties currently performed by police forces. Expressing his opinion on this matter, Sharma states, “Non-essential tasks can be outsourced to private players. Airport security is one area where a portion of it has been entrusted to private security.”

Despite the potential, the private security sector does not appear to be attractive or lucrative to young talent. According to Sharma, the best minds and resources have yet to fully engage in the private security domain. Identifying and managing risks and upgrading to secure digital infrastructure are among the challenges the sector must address.

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