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private security india Rajeev Sharma, G4S

The BW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023 was held at The Imperial, New Delhi on the 1st and 2nd of September.

Speaking at the inaugural edition of the BW Security World Conclave and Excellence Awards 2023, Rajeev Sharma, Country Managing Director, G4S said, “I only see the security industry going in one direction, In-tech. What I mean by In-tech is intelligence and technology. Every CXO today wants to be able to predict and prevent rather than react afterwards.”

He added that the security industry India is moving from a purely reactive state to a predictive and preventive state. That’s the future.

Sharma talked about a paradigm shift in the industry, he outlined the primary security threats such as robbery, riots, violence, intrusion, burglary, trespassing, kidnapping, attack, fire incident, cybercrime, natural disaster, road blockages, terrorism. The prevalent security solutions for these threats are CCTV surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, physical barriers, guards, fire and safety systems among other measures.

He said, “AI driven intelligence and threat analysis, comprehensive security risk management, predictive analysis, automated remote surveillance, integrated drone surveillance, all this leading to a 360-degree situational awareness is the future of technology. This is what I mean by In-Tech. These are the future services that will transition India into a world of proactive, predictive, and preventative security.”

Sharma further added that he believes all existing standard security services will be augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for operational efficiency. He added that security measures like alert management, personal tracking, GPS enabled fleet tracking, system health management, ticket management, panic and fire alarms, remote monitoring, and more will become automated and more efficient with the integration of AI and ML.

Sharma talked about the two components of In-Tech saying, “The two components of In-Tech are Intelligence and the other is technology. For technology platform, I call it the technology brain which will be a state-of-the-art security rick operation centre or monitoring station. This is the nerve centre in terms of anything you need to provide predictive and preventative security. Deep insights through AI and automated processes with higher accuracy and efficiency and reinforcement of service partners committed to deliver unparalleled security services through advanced technology, this is the space in which all security service providers will have to position themselves as a service partner to be able to bring this on the table for all customer needs.

Talking about the intelligence component he said, “The second element of In-Tech is Intelligence As A Service (INTaaS). Today there are a lot of platforms which provide you with information and intelligence, there’s only one thing which can make the industry predictive, it’s predicting the future as accurately as possible. Combining multiple streams of intelligence for holistic awareness, accurate hyper-local intelligence with geo-spatial threat analysis, large-language models and AI powered predictive analysis, risk radar specifically designed for security and risk teams, and customised system generated alerts curated to required frequency are some ways we can do that.”

Sharma added that advanced video analytics are a key part of this future, unidentified object detection, Motion intrusion detection, Trespassing detection, Overcrowding detection, and Human detection can be done effectively with seamless integration. In order to integrate any electronic system into your system you need a remote monitoring station connected to existing sensors. Your security infrastructure should be manageable from anywhere in the world, it should ideally be available on the Cloud, that way you could manage your services from even your mobile phone or laptop.

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