Security Training: What Experts Recommend

‘Training’ and ‘Investment in Training’ has emerged as a driving key of change and quality, said Maj (Retd) Mandeep S Garewal, MD, Forcetech on Saturday speaking at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards, 2023 by BW Security World in New Delhi.

Garewal said security skills start with the Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005 and stressed since the act doesn’t include behavioural and soft skills, one of the biggest challenges in security training involves teaching the guards to be as polite with their mannerisms and posture as they are with their speech. 

Speaking about the future of training and career development of security personnel, he said together is the way forward and it involves the collaboration of different platforms like health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) as one.

Rekha Gairola, Regional Security Advisor India & South Asia, Boeing marked the importance of overviewing the training before imparting. She said it’s about being effective in our training lessons.

She emphasised as any ripened fruit falls first likewise the trained guards are employed first.

Asserting to her Capt AA Collaco (Retd), Head Admin & Facilities, Insurance Dekho said training is a learning process that helps to enhance the security career.

Further Veena Gupta, Founder and President, WESS NGO highlighted the importance of the POSH Act and its mandatory compliance for security personnel services.

Gupta said the majority of security workers don’t feel their job is of any significance, so it’s important to imprint, their work is of great responsibility.

Every security personnel should take pride in serving their duty, she added.

The session provided great insight and was moderated by Garry Singh, President of IIRIS. He maximised the engagement, implementing the highly effective discussion and added, “If you take one risk of not training, you welcome every possible risk of not training”.

Written by: Suchita Sail

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