Skilling Of Security Personnels Is Key To Fight Anti-Social Elements: Experts

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Due to growing urbanisation, perceived and actual hazards of crime and terrorism, the feeling that existing public safety measures are insufficient, and the emergence of a middle class with assets to safeguard and the financial means to pay for additional security measures, there is an increase in demand for security services. The market for security services is also bolstered by a stronger economy and major construction activities.
Jyotsana Bhalla, President, Head BD & CRM, AP Securitas said, we have so much of manpower, but skill is the key. We need to develop the skills of security guards so they can respond to all the mishappenings by anti -social elements on ground.
On what should be the core competencies of security guards to protect the companies interest Capt. Keshav Prasad, VP-BD, Rakshak Securitas Pvt Ltd said, the security manpower is distributed in all sectors of the industries such as IT companies, Manufacturing industry, Chemical industries, large hospitals universities and various other places. Each security industry and its work have different security challenges.
When asked about how security industry can support law enforcement agencies Ravi Kapur, MD, Absolute Security & Allied Services Pvt Ltd said, if we sensitise are guards to look something on the ground and quickly inform key people in the organisation would really help the law enforcement agencies to tackle security challenges on the ground.
Dr. Chitij Chauhan Director of Security Allbound Inc. said, human skilling and spending on manpower and especially in areas like security which is the area which people generally ignore. Bringing awareness especially of people who hold position of accountability needs to be done. It’s important to have overall blueprint of physical security.

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