Tech-Driven Transformation Takes Center Stage At BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023

Maj. Manjit Rajain, Founder & Global Chairman, Tenon Group

Maj. Manjit Rajain, Founder & Global Chairman of Tenon Group, Highlights the Power of Technology in Revolutionising the Security Industry.

“Technology is here to stay. It is a great advantage,” said Maj. Manjit Rajain, Founder & Global Chairman of the Tenon Group of Companies, during his address at the prestigious BW Security Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023. With these words, he set the tone for a captivating discourse on the profound impact of technology in the security industry.

The event, organised by BW Businessworld, brought together industry leaders, security experts, and innovators under one roof to discuss the changing paradigms in the security landscape. It was a celebration of excellence in the field of security and an exploration of the transformative power of technology.

Maj. Manjit Rajain, a luminary in the security sector with nearly three decades of experience, shared insights on how technology is reshaping the security industry. His compelling address highlighted the shift from traditional security approaches to a more tech-driven, integrated security framework.

In his thought-provoking speech, Maj. Rajain emphasised the pivotal role of technology in enhancing security. He elucidated how technology-driven solutions are optimising resource management, streamlining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and ensuring better productivity in the sector. With real-time monitoring, geotagging, and data analytics, the security industry is becoming more efficient and cost-effective.

The Tenon Group of Companies, led by Rajain has been at the forefront of this technological revolution. Their approach includes geotagging employees for attendance, using facial recognition for seamless entry, and even deploying drones for surveillance. These innovations not only improve security but also increase client satisfaction and profitability.

However, Rajain also cautioned about the importance of data protection in this technology-driven era. He reminded the audience about the Data Protection Act of 2023 and the necessity for stringent compliance to avoid hefty penalties.

The BW Security Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023 served as a platform to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in the security sector. It also offered invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of security, underlining the pivotal role of technology in shaping its future. As Maj. Manjit Rajain aptly put it, “Please adopt it if you’ve not; technology is here to stay.”

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