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The Future of Security

When it comes to security, cybersecurity is one of the primary concerns in the public as well as the private sector in the contemporary era. It has extended to the C-suite extensively, demanding major initiatives within the systems.

The Future of Security is merely focussed on analysing the most integral security issues that impact nations and its businesses. With the ongoing focus on emerging security and tech, the need to prepare for a more secure future has risen dramatically. The world is facing a challenge to develop a more unified and global framework to operate cyberspace.

Securing the critical infrastructure of small and large businesses is at risk, calling for a stringent need for reformations in its security systems. To make a nation and its organisations capable of proactive action instead of defending the threats. As per PwC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights, more than 25 per cent expected a double-digit growth as compared to previous years in cyber budgets in the year 2022.

For better risk transparency, organisations would need real-time business context to secure data. Although, the change is inevitable and on the horizon with AI making massive changes in the security sector and its consequential impacts. Automation will be a key strategy to take down cyber threats.

“Shifting the focus of security from the technical hygiene of code and configuration to self-defending data will save time and resources while unlocking rapid and safe innovation,” said Royal Hansen, Vice President of Google.

Effective management of cyber risks, reduction of complexity, and smart leadership can secure the future of a nation, its organisations and the people.

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